Anti Child Grooming


Social media seems great most of the time but sexual predators are on the hunt. 

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  • Launch Date December 2017

The Challenge

Build awareness with parents about the issue at hand (child grooming) and how easy it is for child predators to stalk.

The Idea

Once in a while, in the midst of paper pushing and paper chasing, we get the opportunity to do something that truly matters. We undertook this Cybersafe project with the care and passion it deserved, creating an immersive experience to ensure parents were fully aware of the dangers their children face on a daily basis. Did you know that 80% of reported crimes begin as online friendships? We launched this campaign with a video that shows the perspective of a paedophile hunting his victim all through the convenience of the perpetrator’s own device. We wanted it to awaken people to the dangers that lurk in plain sight, even in our children’s seemingly harmless interactions. We’ve taken a little step towards addressing a bigger problem, but it is a very important step for all of us.

The Website

Learn how to keep social media safe for our kids at