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Boozeat was established in Malaysia 3 years ago. Due to increasing volume of orders, its website needed to be enhanced to cope with the demand. However, upgrading the existing platform would be time consuming. We saw this as an opportunity to not only build a new platform from ground up, but also improve the shopping experience with new ideas, especially in a market where customers demand quick turnaround for purchases and delivery.

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  • Launch Date Nov 2017

The Challenge

It’s not feasible to expand the existing website platform as the product handling and processing of orders took a long time.

The Idea

Build an entirely new, customisable platform with a more seamless shopping experience.

The Website

To make the website more appealing, we came up with a trendy design, streamlined navigation, simplified user journey to checkout page, and injected cheeky yet compelling copy, all of which makes the process of ordering on the website more seamless.

The Result

Online sales increase 3 fold in the span of 3 months.