Bucket Sessions

There are no strangers amongst Malaysians.


KFC believes in deep bonds between people. Its brand purpose is more than just fried chicken and a meal is more than just food. How did we instill this belief in the hearts and minds of consumers?

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    Fast Food

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    Web Film

    Social Experiment

  • Launch Date September 2017

The Challenge

The festive season is a time when Malaysians are hungering for content. So we thought: “What if we could take this opportunity to strengthen the brand’s position as the catalyst to deeper, stronger bonds?

The Idea

We created The Bucket Sessions – a series of social experiments to uncover the secret recipe to deeper, stronger bonds between people.

The Result

The campaign garnered a total of 12.1 million views on Facebook and YouTube, over 10.6K shares, reactions and positive comments, and an impressive average view through rate of 59%.