How much do #ChineseNewYear traditions vary between families?

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    Festive Campaign

    Chinese New Year

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  • Launch Date January 2017

The Challenge

Driving relevance during festive with consumer insight that resonate with the audience, along with tactical promo to drive sales.

The Idea

Generational gaps often lead to major misunderstandings. Maybe it’s because we’re only concerned about the way it makes us look. But if we took the time to reflect, we’d realise that more than half the things our family does for us is to keep our bonds strong. So, do you know why you do what you do? Tough one, right? Well, Pa does! He knows exactly why he keeps up with tradition. In this charming tale, we explore customs in its varying forms and how it is deeply intertwined with the lives around us.

The Film

Check out this video and be inspired this Year of the Rooster to share your awesome #FattFattFatt traditions with everyone!

The Result

Over 780k views and 3.7k shares on Facebook in less than 4 days.