Freedom to be there

When it matters the most.


Freedom to be there, when it matters the most.

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    Video Production

  • Launch Date February 2018

The Challenge

To address the negative perception of Digi’s network superiority.

The Idea

This is a story that’s close to heart for many of us who run the rat race or burn the midnight oil for a better life. What we do for a living sometimes keeps us away from the things that matter most to us. And while the world often tells us that technology causes us to drift apart, we believe it can help us stay closer through innovative ways. The Internet is a powerful tool and we wanted to demonstrate the positive flip, showcasing a father’s ability to stay connected to his kid despite the unceasing call of duty.

The Film

Freedom to be there. Freedom to Internet.

The Result

779,282 views on Youtube for the first four weeks since launched.