Gempak. Tau Siapa.

Gempak Rebranding


Driving brand relevance & building affinity through a brand refresh.

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    Media & Entertainment

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    Creative Concept


  • Launch Date June 2017

The Idea

Gempak. Tau Siapa.
As an all-inclusive entertainment hub, we positioned Gempak as entertainment storytellers. To reflect the positioning, our rebranding exercise focused on creating a personality and tone of voice that could carry the entertainment stories. Once that was established, we created assets like the ‘Gempak-moji’ as a tool to engage and humanise the interaction of brand and audience.

The Result

Generated 12.2 million pageviews and 3.9 million users, outperformed the target by 100%. Achieved ComScore above the competitors with a score of 2.3 million in May 2017. Increased Gempak Advertising and Sponsorship revenue, outperformed the target by 100%.