Payback Time

A brighter tomorrow begins today.


Chinese New Year signifies the start of a brand new year according to Chinese beliefs. That is why the “Seeding Dreams” campaign is born to promote saving habits and long-term financial planning amongst the younger generations.

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    Web Film

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  • Launch Date January 2019

The Challenge

Many Malaysians feel that banks in Malaysia are all about the talk and only empty promises. No action is taken whatsoever to make their dreams come true. How can we convey this message to improve Malaysians’ livelihood?

The Idea

A customer is not just another number in the balance sheet, and we believe every customer should be well treated as part of the Hong Leong family. Afterall, everyone deserves to have a better future, and we hope to help them to achieve their goals and dreams in life.

The Film

It is time to payback your loved ones with a short film and a series of bumper ads by watching the following list of videos below!

The Result

Our main film garnered more than 5 million combined views on Facebook and Youtube.