Appa’s Cheeky Dancer

A child’s dream fulfilled.


During this Deepavali campaign, Appa’s Cheeky Dancer is a story about a father and his daughter, who have different dreams in life. A story that resonates with most Asian children who are forced to follow their parents’ footsteps instead of pursuing their own dreams. What if both father and daughter have the best of both worlds without sacrificing one’s dream?

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    ​Web Film

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  • Services


  • Launch Date ​October 2018

The Challenge

How do we promote a sense of money-saving habits amongst the younger generation?

The Idea

By “Seeding Dreams” of our precious ones, how a small act of compassion and generosity can drive success to someone whom we truly love in a very simple yet powerful message.

The Film

We produced a two-minute video that showcases the father and his daughter dancing on stage to a classical Indian dance called Bharatanatyam that tells us their family stories.

The Result

Our film garnered over 1.3 million combined views on YouTube and Facebook alone - over 30% more than predicted viewership. Video and engagement posts on Facebook delivered beyond expectations (33% and 57% more than predicted, respectively).