Kasih Tak Berwajah

Setiap impian itu bermakna.


Hong Leong Bank’s ‘Menyemai Impian’ festive theme focuses on building one’s dream, no matter who they are. Even those with unfortunate circumstances.

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    Web film

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  • Launch Date May 2019

The Challenge

Ramadan and Raya are well-known as the month of giving. But the problem is that it stops there. Most contributions come in the form of short term assistance. So how can we provide a foundation that can be beneficial in the long run?

The Idea

We turn a festive film into a film with a cause. With support from Malaysians, we’ve invested in creating a brighter future for the less fortunate.

The Film

Inspired by a true story, the film was told through the eyes of a young boy about his sisters whom he has never met.

The Result

3,507,552 views on Youtube in 3 weeks since launch and 1.2k shares on Facebook within the 4 weeks since it’s posted.