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Kisah benar Adli & Luqman - dari hati ayah


Hari Raya is an opportunity to bond and mend relationships with the people in our life. However, to some of us, to seek forgiveness within ourselves is hard.

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    Web Film

    Festive Campaign

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    Media & Entertainment

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  • Launch Date June 2017

The Challenge

How do we encourage people to forgive themselves first before others?

The Idea

Making an effort to forgive people for their wrongdoings is a step in accepting and forgiving our own faults and flaws. Which in turns makes us feel much better.

The Film

Inspired by the true story of Adli and his autistic son, Luqman. This film tells the tale of Adli’s sacrifices for Luqman that led him to forgive himself for mistreating Luqman in the past.

The Result

Our Raya video garnered 1.2 million views on Youtube and was Malaysia’s number 4 most watched video on Facebook during the campaign period.