Joget Abah

Keeping stories alive through traditions.


Traditions bring life to festivities and define our culture. The generation that keeps these traditions alive is aging. And if the younger generation isn’t interested in taking up the mantle, will they eventually disappear?

  • Client
  • Type


    Festive Campaign

  • Sector

    Fast Food

  • Services

    Web Film

  • Launch Date June 2017

The Challenge

How do we keep the younger generation interested in the value of preserving their family traditions?

The Idea

Sometimes the key to loving our traditions is understanding them.

The Film

We tell a story about a child figuring out the reason behind his father’s eccentric practices every year during Hari Raya.

The Result

1,872,200 views on YouTube. 3.1M views, 52.3K reactions, 11.2K shares and 1.3K comments on Facebook.