Made For The Bold

It takes guts to try the KFC Zinger Double Down.


The KFC Zinger Double Down was making a third comeback following its success when it was first introduced in 2012. However, with the rise of new and unique burger novelty, its popularity dwindled when it was relaunched for the second time in 2014.

  • Client
  • Type


    Web Film

  • Sector

    Fast Food

  • Services


  • Launch Date 2017

The Challenge

How do we excite the younger generation and give the KFC Zinger Double Down an edge in a highly competitive burger market?

The Idea

The younger generation takes great pride in challenging themselves to try what others wouldn’t dare. So we evoked this sense of pride by celebrating the bold – for their guts to take on the KFC Zinger Double Down – and for their everyday little acts of boldness.

The Result

The campaign exceeded expectations by achieving 7 times the projected growth target. By week 4, the KFC Zinger Double Down was sold out, way earlier than expected.