Meet that someone special


The most important aspect of travelling is not about ticking off the top 10 lists or uploading an instaworthy picture. It’s about the people we meet, the stories we hear and the lessons we learn. We travel to become better versions of ourselves.

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    Travel & Events

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    Web Film

  • Launch Date December 2017

The Challenge

How do we communicate to young Malaysians that there is more to travel than the superficial gains?

The Idea

Take on the road less travelled – for real. Four crew members, two creatives, one ever-changing script, zero storyboard.

The Film

It’s shot from the perspective of travellers. The sights they see, the people they meet, the smiles exchanged, and the hidden gems in nooks and crannies of unknown towns. At then end of the film, we reveal what it truly means to travel.

The Result

420k views, 256 shares, 54 comments and 3.9K reactions on Facebook.