You wouldn’t eat it, why breathe it?


Indoor air could get 10 times worse than outdoor. But not many are aware of the danger that is indoor pollution and the consequences involved.

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    ​Electronic appliances

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    Web films

  • Launch Date July 2018

The Challenge

So how can we educate the public while at the same time introduce the Panasonic air conditioner that features nanoe™ Technology, a built-in air purifying system?

The Idea

We engage and educate people about the severity of indoor pollution through ‘Airdibles’, a campaign that turned invisible air, visible. We used indoor pollutants to form iconic Malaysian dishes to make the public realise that they consume air in the same way they consume food. This is based on the idea that people care about what they eat and drink but not when it comes to breathing dirty air.

The Film

Have you ever tried Nasty Lemak, Dus-Tea Tarik or even Dirty Puff? They sound disgusting right? Exactly what we showed in our films.

The Result

11.5 million views for both main web films and recipe pocket films on all social media platforms. Total impression of 42 million during 2 months campaign period. Digital ads generated 76,647 links clicked. Total campaign engagement of 4 million. 20% increase in web traffic during the launch.