National Day 2018

Celebrating our history as we move forward.


Celebrating 2018’s Independence Day meant something different to Malaysians as we democratically voted for a change of government. It gave Panasonic Malaysia an opportunity to look back in time and appreciate how far we’ve come as a brand, just like our country.

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    Electronic appliances

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  • Launch Date ​August 2018

The Challenge

How do take this rare opportunity and celebrate both the country and the brand’s milestones?

The Idea

Panasonic was once called National in its earlier days. The brand name was well known throughout Asia in the late 70s to the early 90s before changing to what it is now: Panasonic. So we decided to take advantage of this by using actual products in our visuals. The print idea was to replace ‘National’ in ‘Happy National Day’ with our old logo. This was done to create a visual pun but also to commemorate the brand’s history.

The Result

The print garnered 868,900 total unique reach.