Sickest Mannequin Challenge

Putting child trafficking at a standstill.


Statistically, 79% of child trafficking is for sexual exploitation. In Malaysia, authorities have yet to sanction the Optional Protocol on the sale of children and child prostitution.

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    Social Awareness

  • Launch Date December 2016

The Challenge

How do we put a spotlight on this taboo issue and drive people to sign the petition?

The Idea

Leveraging on the Mannequin Challenge viral video trend, we created a web film with the key message of putting child sexual exploitation in Malaysia at a standstill.

The Film

The web film that takes viewers on a disturbing tour of a brothel selling sex with children to create a sense of uneasiness.

The Result

Within just 3 days of the launch, the petition signatures have increased significantly and the numbers continue to rise. 25% increase in petition signatures. 55k organic views, and over RM 60k earned PR value and counting.