Lights of Rembau

Digi Deepavali 2017


For Deepavali, Digi wants to emphasise that the “light” shines brighter when it is shared.

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    Festive Campaign

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    Video Production

  • Launch Date October 2017

The Challenge

Driving relevance during festive with real Malaysian stories for deeper affinity building.

The Idea

It’s easy to find light if we bother to look. And look we did. We discovered a place in Rembau where a children’s welfare home and an old folks home would regularly come together to provide much needed mutual care and company for each other. As they prepared for the year’s Deepavali celebrations, we made sure to shine a bright light on their even brighter story.

The Film

Every good thing we do leaves an effect on those near, or even far from us. In the same way, when we choose to share all that we have, life becomes so much more meaningful.

The Result

We garnered over 1 million views in a matter of 4 days. It proved to us that many others share the sentiment, and these were people from all fractions of society and not only those celebrating Deepavali. It was picked up by radio stations and shared by notable people like Marina Mahathir. It really goes to show – a light that’s shared does shine brighter.