Stop Nursery Crimes

Turning the taboo topic of paedophilia into a social conversation.


In Malaysia, child sexual abuse is a taboo topic. Apathy, ignorance and denial by parents, as well as society, have caused a lack of awareness and poor-to-no sex education, which are factors that make children vulnerable to sexual predators.

Most parents are under the misconception that their children are safe from the hands of sexual predators, They’re largely unaware that statistically, more than 90% of sexual abusers are people children know and trust.

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  • Launch Date May 2016

The Challenge

How do we open their eyes to the fact that the danger of child sexual abuse is much higher than they think?

The Idea

In the hope of breaking the taboo, we launched Stop Nursey Crimes - a campaign based on the insight that over 90% of sexual predators are people children know and trust.

The Film

A series of films were produced. We turned popular ‘Nursery Rhymes’ into ‘Nursery Crimes’ to express how predators masquerade their hidden intentions to groom children into unsuspecting victims of sexual abuse.

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Through the use of VR Cardboards at roadshows nationwide, we created an eye-opening experience where parents were able to see through the eyes of innocent children. A series of 360 degrees VR films were produced. We turned popular ‘Nursery Rhymes’ into ‘Nursery Crimes’.

The Website

The films led parents to an educational website, where they could arm themselves and their children with information and knowledge.

The Result

Stop Nursery Crimes instantly became the top trending topic in Malaysia, sparked conversations on social media, and featured in major newspapers as well as web articles, locally and abroad. The campaign garnered more than 1.5 million organic views and earned over RM424,000 in PR value.