We Stand United


From the pearl of the orient to the land below the wind, we travelled to the furthest reaches of Malaysia to learn about how the internet has inspired and united a nation of different languages, cultures and beliefs. So to all Malaysians from every walk of life, keep sharing, smiling, laughing, helping and giving. And keep the unity going.

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    Festive Campaign


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  • Launch Date August 2017

The Challenge

Driving relevance during festive for deeper affinity building.

The Idea

It’s been 60 some years since the resounding words of ‘Merdeka’ echoed across the fields of our stadiums and the hearts of our people. But what does it actually mean to be ‘Merdeka’? And more importantly, what does it mean when you’re a Malaysian? We explore these questions in our 2017 campaign by reflecting on our all the things that make us truly Malaysian – truly one as a nation.
We celebrate our differences. Not because they set us apart, but because they show us all the things we can appreciate each other for. We gave viewers a glimpse of everyday Malaysia that often goes blindside, featuring people and communities that we often don’t pay much attention to. We brought light to all the little details of our nation. So, can there be unity? Well, the answer is right there in the video.

The Film

We Stand United. Digi Merdeka 2017.

The Result

Over 1.6m views and 1k shares on Facebook to date.