Zoe’s Christmas


In a season filled with stress, we wanted to remind people to share some laughter. How Zoe Saved Christmas is a story about a little girl who shares her Christmas spirit with family. The music and lyrics were composed solely for this film.

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    Festive Campaign

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    Video Production

  • Launch Date December 2016

The Challenge

Building brand affinity during festive season.

The Idea

Festivities. It’s an “Ahhh!” for some. But an “Arghhh!” for others. While it’s a time for joy and laughter, it can become stressful for many. And when tensions run high, we have a tendency to take it out on those closest to us. This video was to remind us all about why we celebrate in the first place. We wanted to bring back the laughter to festive seasons, starting with Christmas. After all, a festive celebration should be a fun time for the whole family! Here’s the little prankster, Zoe. She’s got a trick up her sleeve to keep the laughter going all through Christmas. We should all be a little like Zoe.

The Film

Digi Presents: How Zoe Saved Christmas.

The Result

668,289 views on Youtube.