The inspiring stories from critical illness survivors in hopes to debunk the popular myths

Critical illness is not a topic of young millennials, especially not during pre-covid times. Though the prevalence of cancer, stroke and heart attack illnesses are on the rise, it’s still always seen as a taboo to talk about it. It’s also surrounded by many myths such as it only happens to old people or families with a medical history.

How as a #1 insurer in the market urge the young millennials to see the importance of critical illness protection? We told the stories from critical illness survivors in hopes to debunk the popular myths. The core idea was to jolt them into realising that critical illness doesn’t discriminate.

Critical Illness strikes people regardless of age, race, gender, status or life stage. We collaborated with four Prudential Critical Illness survivors whom millennials considered peers: Filmmaker Jared Lee, Radio DJ Hisham Hamzah, Dancer Emily Tan and Auditor/Model Jeslinda Paul.

Each life story was a testament that even the most active, strong, young or responsible person could be a target of critical illness.


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Awards & Mentions

  • The Appies 2021, Malaysia

Project Outcome

Since this product was a stand against CI, we turned PRUMy Critical Care into a statement of empowerment, carving a clear role for Prudential. We turned high traffic area billboards into giant protest cards with CI survivors echoing Prudential’s rallying cry. “Do something About It”. In addition, we disrupted millennials on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 

Each message was crafted to debunk myths about CI that were unique to a list of millennial interest groups. This linked viewers to Prudential’s website where they could immediately act on signing up for CI protection.

It was launched at the height of the global pandemic compounded with a legacy of presumptions towards critical illness along with other new health solutions bombarding consumers everyday, our challenge was to make millennials care about a problem they didn’t even believe in. This is a story of how Prudential found a way to change people’s minds about critical illness, and in the process penetrated a whole new generation of customers which they couldn’t win before.


Ad Recall, accepting the message “CI doesn’t discriminate”


Increase in total policy submissions vs same period last year


Increase in average sum assured above RM100k


Amongst all insurers for “critical illness” related search keywords