17 April 2017

Can brands make you happy – even if only for 100 days?

Can brands make you happy – even if only for 100 days?

Being a grumpy old sod, Dr Mumbo wasn’t particularly enthralled by Hong Leong Bank’s new #100HappyDays campaign.

Created by Naga DDB Tribal in Malaysia, the offer gives 100 customers RM100 (S$31) over a period of 100 days as part of a bid to boost credit card use among the bank’s customers.

Actually come to think of it, Dr Mumbo wasn’t exactly impressed when StarHub released this seemingly similar campaign some two years ago.

Back then, the campaign allowed StarHub customers a chance to win a daily prize of S$1,000 over a 100-day period.

Dr Mumbo is sure the similarity is just a coincidence. Or perhaps Pelle Sjoenell was jumping the gun a bit when he said Asia is leaving the copycat culture behind?

Regardless, Dr Mumbo cannot help but wonder at the preoccupation with making people happy for just 100 days. What happens on day 101? Is that when the misery returns? Or is that when the next imaginative brand launches another 100-days campaign? Can’t bloody wait.