23 March 2019

DDB unveils new visual identity to ‘capture the essence’ of the agency

DDB unveils new visual identity to ‘capture the essence’ of the agency

DDB has introduced a new visual identity in a bid to “capture the essence” of what it is as an agency, and as an outward symbol of its thinking, work, and people.

Included in its visual identity is an exclusively-licensed font, a new colour palette, as well as the full name of the agency in its operations and external assets – Doyle Dane Bernbach. The change in identity and logo comes in line with the new positioning work underway for the global network, which commemorates its 70th anniversary.

Responding to media queries, a DDB spokesperson said that the new logo was inspired by the “simplicity and creativity” of the original mark. Including its founders names – Doyle Dane Bernbach – in the visual identity looks to focus on the humanity of its company as the letters are the people. While the “B” shape of the mark aims to celebrate the creativity of Bill Bernbach and his impact on the agency.

DDB aims to double down on the values that Doyle Dane and Bernbach founded the agency on – creativity and humanity.

According to a statement from the agency, to this day, Bill Bernbach remains one of the most creative and impactful people ever to work in the advertising industry. “His thinking, his ideas, and his words colour the agency’s presentations, halls and most importantly, the work DDB produces,” the statement read.

Highlighting the creativity and interconnectivity of the worldwide DDB team, the evolved logo was created internally by the DDB North America design team. The team was led by Ari Weiss, chief creative officer of DDB North America and Barry Quinn, chief design officer of DDB North America.

This change to visual identity will be implemented across all internal and external marketing materials on a rolling basis. Clients will be informed of the agency’s brand evolution as it implements across the agencies.

“Great brands have a foot in their past and a foot in the future. This visual identity perfectly captures our heritage and legacy, the contemporary thinking and work we’re known for now, and positions us for the future we intend to claim,” Wendy Clark (pictured), CEO, DDB Worldwide said.