14 June 2017

Directors Think Tank director Maurice Noone and Naga DDB collaborate on new Astro Raya film

Directors Think Tank director Maurice Noone and Naga DDB collaborate on new Astro Raya film

In this 'documercial' film for Astro, Mohd Adli decides to make up for past mistakes and keep his promises to his autistic son, Luqman. The film is centered around earning Luqman's forgiveness. It has been re-enacted by Mohd Adli and Luqman themselves.

Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia Creative Director Ahmad Nazil Ibrahim said the agency team first started the film project in February this year.

"It wasn't just an ordinary creative brief" said Ibrahim. "Astro wanted a real story, far from the imaginary world of creative writing. It was probably one of the most ambitious projects the team had to take on in recent years. The team went on a widespread search across the social media landscape, screening through multitudes of stories on the internet, meeting and talking to many different people. It is during this search that they came across Mohd Adli, the founder of the Autism Café Project. After their first meet with both Mohd Adli and Luqman, they knew they had found what they're looking for"

"And then came the collaboration with Astro and Director's Think Tank to bring the story to life in the most compelling way, while keeping the authenticity of the story in-line with Astro's Raya theme for this year, #KosongKosong #DariHati," added Ibrahim.

DTT Director Maurice Noone says, "It was a humbling and eye opening experience for me, working with luqman and En adli - To learn about a father's sacrifice and a family's challenges with autism. I felt my responsibility was to them - to try to tell their life story as honestly as possible, while condensing it down for an audience to be able to feel it for themselves. I have nothing but the utmost respect for en Adli and his family, and hope we have done his story justice. And I hope in its own small way, this spot allows more people to be more aware about autism so that there's more understanding".


ECD: Alvin Teoh
CD: Ahmad Nazril Ibrahim
Writer: Raina Rahman
Art Director: Zarak M.Zain
Agency Producer: Chris Lau
Production House: Directors Think Tank
Film Director: Maurice Noone
Producer: Shuying Tan
Offline Editor: Affandi Jamaluddin & Boyd See
Post House: Asia Pacific Videolab Malaysia
Music: Grand Theft Records