31 March 2017

Naga DDB Tribal hopes new AI will eliminate “dependency on humans”

Naga DDB Tribal hopes new AI will eliminate “dependency on humans”

Naga DDB Tribal is launching an advertising AI initiative called artificial intelligence, NagaAIR.

According to the agency, it is designed to provide responses and solutions to the communication needs of any brand. “It seeks to revolutionise and represent a new form of innovation in the evolution of the advertising industry,” said the agency.

According to an official announcement on its Facebook page, the agency is utilising an artificial intelligence program with algorithms that provide quick and efficient solutions to brands seeking creative and brand solutions in minutes rather than days.

CEO of Naga DDB Tribal, Kristian Lee explained that the development and design of NagaAir was done with the intention to provide brands with automated, predictive and intelligent solutions without the need for human interaction or time consuming face-to-face appointments.

“Many individuals are of the opinion that technology has advanced to the stage whereby it has lessened the reliance on human intuition and our development of NagaAir is evidence of us adapting to current times.” he said.

General manager, Clarence Koh added, “By adopting AI into the agency, we are pushing boundaries by eliminating the industry’s dependency on humans. Ultimately, it will lead to leaner, tighter briefs and a much shorter turnaround period by putting machines to the fore for the very first time in our line of work.”

While many might wonder (us included) if Naga is pulling our leg ahead of April Fool’s Day tomorrow, the dependency on machines is growing at an exponential rate.

Soon this might just be a reality. Wouldn’t you agree?