23 June 2017

Naga Malaysia champions heroes in emotional 2017 Raya films for Digi, Astro and KFC

Naga Malaysia champions heroes in emotional 2017 Raya films for Digi, Astro and KFC

The choice to forgive yourself. The choice to preserve tradition. The choice to celebrate what matters most. These are the values championed by the heroes in the 2017 Raya films by Digi, Astro and KFC.

Naga Malaysia with a mission of "making things better for brands, consumers and society", has made it even more of its focus in 2017 to tap into human insights to go beyond the common themes associated with festive periods and unearth their deeper meanings and core truths. Naga believes that the true essence and spirit of Raya can be captured through telling relevant, thoughtful and emotional stories that resonate with the hearts and lives of members of society.

The films celebrate an individual's freedom and personal choice to make amazing things happen that truly make a difference to their lives for the better.

The three films, although differing in terms of storyline and outcome, represent the coming together of the magic of Raya, along with the power an individual wields to make a personal change that positively affects themselves and their loved ones.

Astro's Head of Branding & Malay Marketing, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad applauded Naga's commitment in uncovering and portraying authentic Malaysian stories year by year. "With true stories like 2015 Kisah Benar Herman, 2016 Kisah Benar Zika, and this year's Kisah Benar Adli & Luqman, we hope to inspire everyone to open up and show appreciation to our loved ones and the people around us. We are also grateful to be playing a part in raising the awareness of autism," she added

Audrey Chong, Head of Marcomm for Digi Telecommunications expressed her appreciation to Naga on being creatively insightful with local sentiments. "We had a tall order for Naga this Raya. The story needed to be anchored on a strong community insight. It had to be real and relatable for all Malaysians during every festive season including this joyous Hari Raya. Naga nailed it spot on!", she concluded.

Senior General Manager for KFC Marketing, Angeline Villanueva weighs in on the beauty of partnering with a quasi-local agency like Naga. "They are more locally attuned. Also, they are less driven by awards and finance - instead, more by camaraderie and passion. You need freedom for honesty and creation. This Raya film Naga created is both heart work and hard work".