6 September 2017

When strangers bond over chicken

When strangers bond over chicken

In line with the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations KFC cheekily illustrates budding relationships between strangers of polar opposites over a bucket of KFC.

The thought behind KFC’s “The Bucket Sessions” is also to show that Malaysians have a lot more in common than they think – their love for food is one of it.

Using food as an icebreaker participants in the ad share stories, listen and connect with one another over a meal.

Naga’s idea of this social experiment is to further strengthen the idea of camaraderie among Malaysians. Naga’s Executive Creative Director, Alvin Teoh, quoted, “We believe that Malaysians are generally a friendly bunch and all it takes for friendship to happen is a simple conversation. What more a better way to ignite one over a bucket of KFC?”

With KFC being the catalyst in this experiment, it enables our participants to open up to a budding friendship of sharing common grounds, different cultures and mutual acceptance.

Alvin adds, “We put complete strangers in a room, served them some fried chicken, gave them something talk about and then gave it a free reign to go wherever it needs to go, demonstrating that among Malaysians, there are really no strangers, just friends waiting to happen. That’s what this film is about.”

The video has so far received over over 2.5k views on YouTube, check out the full video below:

Credit List

Executive Creative Director: Alvin Teoh
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Paul Lim
Associate Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh
Copywriters: Cindy Chong, Mohamed Firdaus, Idzwan Johar, Stephanie Leong
Art Director: Lai Wai Yeap
General Manager: Clarence Koh
Account Director: RZ Chew
Account Manager: Sheldon Sequerah
Account Executive: Eugene Ong
Senior Project Management: Victoria Lim
Head of AV: Sharon de Silva
AV Producer: Lee Boon Hsin
AV Intern: Jared
Film Director: Lobak
Assistant Director: Wong Sen Kiat
Director of Photography: Patrick Chua
Producer: Jamie Chua
Audio Production: Real Time Studios