Our approach

It isn’t complicated

First we get the data. Then we provide the solution.

Using behavioral science, we dive beyond traditional advertising insights to really understand how people are hardwired to make decisions and what we can do to influence their behavior.

Wondered why Coke went from Short to Slim

Simple solutions, big impact.

Based on our insights, we create simple, but innovative and powerful solutions that hack and shape behavior - without the need for big media budgets.

We always test-drive our strategies first

To ensure a higher rate of success, we conduct experiments to pilot test and optimize our solutions before full-scale implementation.

Our Work

Find out how we did that for Teach For Malaysia

You've gotten the attention of your customers, but they don't seem to be taking the next step. See how we turned Attention into Action for Teach For Malaysia!

Our Clients

Meet our behavior hackers

Josephine Phang
Josephine Phang

Behavioral Strategy Director

Stephanie Siew
Stephanie Siew

Behavioral Strategist

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