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Tan Sri Vincent

Founder & Chairman

One of Malaysia’s best brand builders, Tan Sri Vincent Lee is the brain behind the success of many high profile and notable brands in the market. He is the founder of Foetus International, a one-stop centre for advertising, marketing communications, CRM, public relations and event management to name a few.


Group Executive Director

I genuinely believe that in order to excel in anything you do, you have to enjoy it. That's what's great about this industry. It lets us express ourselves creatively and as so-called industry leaders we should be providing that very platform for people in our field of work. We have an optimistic, some might say naive (which is fine by me!) adage on our management team which is simply: There is always a solution to any problem. This is why we exist.


Chief Executive Officer

Started his career as a suit in a local design agency since 2001, Clarence has since then progressed into a 20-year career in various international agencies such as Grey, J. Walter Thompson and McCann, for roles in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Having spent most part of his advertising career with global brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé and L’Oréal Paris, Clarence has also taken his experience and expertise to a number of local and multinational clients such as KFC, Perfetti Van Melle, Munchy’s, Astro, Proton.

He advocates for a collaborative work culture and plays an integral role in ensuring clients get the best out of the agency while agency have the freedom and fun doing it.


Chief Creative Officer

I think what we do here is intensely personal. It could be embarrassing, painful, funny as hell, or it could be pure stupidity. And that is the stuff that makes people go; “holy shit, I feel what you’re saying”. After all, we’re all more common than we think. We’re just seeing different variations of the same reality. (That last line, I stole it from a video. I’m using it to sound smarter than I actually am. And that’s ok too.)


Chief Growth Officer

Currently with NagaDDB Tribal as its Chief Growth Officer, Farrah brings with her over 20 years of experience in the industry and different perspectives having spent time on both the creative and media agency side of the ecosystem. Farrah is a strong believer that effective communication is only possible when solid insights are married with a compelling and emotive story that connects both the heart and head of the consumer. Farrah is driven by curiosity and the relentless pursuit of finding the sweet spot where creativity meets effectiveness and measurable results.

Prior to NagaDDB Tribal Farrah held the position of Managing Director of mSIX Malaysia, a division of WPP Communications Sdn Bhd and held previous senior leadership roles in creative agencies BBDO Malaysia and M&CSaatchi.


Chief Strategy Officer

With more than 15 years of experience in brand and communications strategy, Alex’s integrative experience across Client, Creative, Media and Management Consulting, has seen him working with some of Malaysia’s most valuable brands - Digi, Proton, Volkswagen, TM, MAB, and Hong Leong Bank, among others - across some of the biggest and fastest growing categories.

For his work, Alex has been recognised as one of Campaign’s Southeast Asia New Business Development Team of the Year, and shortlisted as Southeast Asia Brand / Strategy Planner of the Year.


Chief Financial Officer

Group CFO with more than 20 years of experience, directing and improving corporate financial operations of Foetus International and IdeaRiverRun group of Companies. Utilising keen analysis, insights and team approach, Lionel works to drive organisational improvements and implementation of best practices. His exceptional skills in developing and implementing processes and controls are crucial in improving business operations, and establishing automated financial and business systems.

Re-organising financial groups and programs to increase financial performance is his forte. Coupled with superior interpersonal skills within the Group and with major Clients, his skills have helped him to resove multiple and complex (IT, human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance.


Deputy Executive Creative Director

An honest day’s work is bigger than we see it. That is what most of the people in this agency are striving to pursue, every day. Honestly, we try push work to be incredibly real. Honestly, we try to do good work. Honestly, it’s not always smooth sailing. Honestly, we know it’s hard to find the right solution to our client’s problems. Honestly, it can be crazy, mad, disruptive, loud and even sometimes, heart breaking.
Nevertheless, it can also be rewarding in every sense of the very word. Honest day’s work. Yup. That’s why we’re here.


Head of Project Management

Head of the Project Management team with over 3 decades of experience in this industry. She is like a mum ensuring that everything is up and running at optimum capacity. She manages and optimises resources for efficiency; tasks, plans & tracks project progress to bring about a successful conclusion. Her roles also include mediating teams, and at times, feeding her (adoptive) ‘kids’ in the agency.
She is on a mission to improve the agency culture by initiating various team activities that promote happier and healthier workplace culture.


Head of Content Studio

Ling, Head of Content Studio has over 2 decades of experience with brands like Unilever, Shell, Nestle, Telekom Malaysia, Ford and regional clients such as Unicharm, Reckitt-Benckiser, Beiersdorf and Colgate Palmolive.

She’s worked with some of the world’s best creative directors and film directors and produced hundreds of work for the ad industry. With a millennial-at-heart mindset and armed with new-age techniques and a team full of youthful energy, she’s constantly looking for ways to utilise data, social trends and zeitgeists to come up with refreshing ways to tell brand stories and solve marketing problems across multiple platforms.


Business Unit Head

Jessey Chew, Business Unit Head, sees beyond the near term by identifying choices, evaluating them and recommending the best course of action to deliver marketplace successes. She aims to drive transformational strategic initiatives; activate and lead efforts to achieve business objectives, to ensure strategic alignment and effective execution.

She has previously taken to the stage at Mumbrella Australia, speaking alongside some of the region’s finest strategy leads about the 'Future of Strategy’, and led industry events to discuss thought leadership launches.


Business Unit Head

Hajar’s 11 years of content, social and publishing experience has led brands under her guardianship to gain prominence across the Insurance, Quick Service Restaurant and Snack categories. She was recognised as Southeast Asia Account Person of the Year by Campaign Asia and is a three-time WARC winner including Grand Prix in Effective Social Strategy.

By day, she oversees effective marketing strategies to drive business growth for client partners. By night, she’s a horror film buff with an unhealthy obsession for low-brow reality shows.


Senior Director - Brand Management

RZ, the Giant once said “We are not Client Servicing, we are Brand Managers.” As brand custodian, he cultivates and manages a variety of brands - ensuring that the team works towards addressing the things that keep our clients up at night.

With over 14 years in the industry under his belt, he has a wide array of experience managing and dealing with various industries and brands. He strives to build a partnership with the clients which results in a strong understanding of the brand as well as its business challenges.

If all fails, Hulk Smash.


Creative Director

Derek is a copy person with an art background. He tries to find new ways to put words together to say things interestingly so that more people will like your brand and you, client person, will be more popular and attractive. He also spends time frowning at younger people, trying to understand them and make them better copy people as well. With a wide array of experience across automobiles, tech, FMCG, finance and food service categories, you'd think he'd be able to convince a client to put a giant robot in their comms by now. Maybe one day...


Senior Director - Brand Management

Don Michael brings to Naga DDB Tribal a rich flavour of international FMCG experience. From working in a bakery-cafe after college, he has spent the past decade with P&G (Pantene ASEAN/ANZ, Downy ASEAN - 2016 Team P&G Rising Star Awardee), J&J (Carefree, Modess), CDO Foodsphere (San Marino Tuna Flakes, Highlands Corned Beef), Mars Pet Care (Pedigree, Whiskas, and Cesar ASEAN), and Unilever (Sunsilk, Rexona), with regional assignments in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Don Michael currently serves Hong Leong Bank, one of the agency's key financial institution accounts.

Wearing a few hats outside the agency life, Don Michael is also a portraitist, musician, voice artist, and jump rope practitioner.

Our commitment.



To deliver the unexpected, we delve deep to uncover consumer, brand & cultural insights to constantly question and discover creative and strategic ways to bring forth the best a brand has to offer for the benefit of the society it exists within.

By utilizing our proprietary brand, consumer and social analytics tool, we develop solutions to enhance business and marketing performance.



We believe that one of the key purposes or reasons to exist for our brand and those that we work with is to have a meaningful impact on the world that we live in.

We strive to conceptualize and generate acts or stories that have a positive impact on the lives of individuals we serve.



Our aim is to provide our clients with a single, convenient and effective point agency leveraging on our holistic network of marketing communications agencies as well as relevant solution providers to meet their integrated marketing and brand needs.

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration 

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration 

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration 

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration 

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration 

Curiosity + Care + Collaboration