Indahkan Senyuman, Eratkan Jalinan.
What if we could inspire positivity from afar?

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions and limitations in our lives. So Astro and Naga DDB Tribal saw an opportunity to inspire positivity within Malaysians to promote the joyful spirit of Raya despite the new norms.

Instead of waiting for others to cheer us up, we realised that we should be the ones to initiate it, even from afar. That’s the true spirit of Indahkan Senyuman, Eratkan Jalinan.


  • Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Video Production (Animation/Illustration)

Awards & Mentions

Top 20 Experts Choice Award 2020

Voted as one of
The Best 2020 Raya TVC
in Marketing Magazine

“As a leading media company, we need to play our part in helping to educate and inform Malaysians on the need for social distancing, even during important celebrations. Our message tells of the patience and strength that we each must have, that together we are stronger."

Christinne LimDirector of Marketing at Astro


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