Will Ah Girl succeed in her quest
to join the grown ups’ table?

Being very aware of CNY tropes, we challenged ourselves to find a way to turn a sweet little girl into that iconic Nosy Aunty we see every year.

In the end, the lesson we learned from the experience reflected into our video, that pursuing little ideas can take a lot of hard work, but when it pays off – it rewards you greatly.

We worked closely with Hong Leong Bank to push the boundaries of telling Ah Girl’s perseverance story beyond just the traditional campaign film approach.

Using short tactical vignettes and Instagram Stories, we were able to inject a new flavour of showcasing product promotions and features while adding more depth to Ah Girl and her “favourite” relatives across new viewing platforms.


  • Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Video Production

Awards & Mentions

  • Youtube Awards 2020 Best Ad in Financial Services
  • Marketing Magazine2020 Top 20 Malaysia Best Chinese New Year TVCs

Project Outcome

Ah Girl Makes it to The Grown-Ups Table of Malaysian Homes

The charm, wit, and hard work of Ah Girl won the hearts of millions of Malaysians as The Grown Ups’ Table was selected as one of Marketing Magazine Malaysia’s Top 10 CNY TVCs of 2020

Ah Girl – The YouTube Star!*

Besting tough competition in the category, Ah Girl’s efforts to sit at the Grown Ups’ Table earn her the 2020 YouTube Award for Best Ad in Financial Services.

The bank believes aspirations can become reality with the right amount of hard work and conviction, and it hopes that 2020 will "exemplify the tenacity and virtue" that Ah Girl, the little girl in the video, demonstrated.

Zalman ZainalCMO, Hong Leong Bank






Increase in positive ad recall