What if we gave blind football fans a way to watch the beautiful game?

Harnessing the power of digital, to leave no one behind.

An estimated 500, 000 Malaysians are visually impaired. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing what they love. Like being a football fan.

We worked closely with Digi and eXpedio Design to create a prototype system inspired by the Braille board so that visually impaired fans could “see” football matches through touch.

On Merdeka 2019, we invited three footballers from our Harimau Buta Team to relive Malaysia’s iconic 1980 match against South Korea.

This was the very first time they were able to experience the winning goal in real time through our board – a testament that technology for good can truly connect us all to what matters most. Just before the pandemic hit, we were contacted by a football club in Europe expressing their intent to equip their stadium with the Footbraille system.


  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Creative
  • Production

Awards & Mentions

  • One Show 2020 (Merit)
  • Ad Stars 2020 (Bronze)
  • APAC Effie 2021 (Shortlist)