KFC Serenades Customers As Dine-in Reopens

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Malaysia, KFC had to close their stores. Although they were still open for delivery, dine-in was their main source of revenue. So, after the 3 long months, the reopening of their stores was crucial.

Instead of doing the usual announcement, KFC decided to serenade people back into their stores. 

A specially-curated trilingual playlist titled “KFC You Soon” was created. It included sentimental songs like Officially Missing You, Baby Come Back, When Can I See You Again and Wish You Were Here to tell people just how much KFC has missed them. The playlist featured 86 songs to commemorate the 86 days that the dine-in service was unavailable.

To drive the playlist, the brand launched a dedication video that featured a lonely KFC store, and let the furniture do the talking – literally. They expressed how they’ve longed for the return of customers through lyrics from songs in our playlist.


  • Advertising 
  • Video Production
  • Digital & Social Media Campaign

Awards & Mentions

  • Sliver Ad Star 2020
    Pivot during Covid-19
  • The One Showcase

Project Outcome

KFC made their open for dine in
music to people’s ears.

Beyond just intent, these brand health indicators also translated into actual sales as we saw a measurable increase in Current Customers from 51.8% to 56.5% post-campaign.




lift in Brand Buzz scores


lift in Brand Consideration scores


lift in Purchase Intent scores